The Bridget Riley Drawings Programme

The British Museum

The Bridget Riley Drawings Programme began in 2014 at the British Museum. Appointing both an Exhibition Curator, Isabel Seligman, and a Project Officer, Sarah Jaffray, the purpose of the programme was to encourage art students to make use of the collection of prints and drawings, chiefly by organising classes in the Museum.


In the third year of the programme a touring exhibition of drawings from the British Museum's collection was organised: Lines of Thought. This was shown at Poole Museum, Hull University Art Collection, and Ulster Museum, Belfast. At each location special facilities and access were provided for students and especially art students, with the exhibition seeking to encourage a greater public to access the drawings from their local and national drawing collections.


In 2016, a further grant was made to the British Museum to replicate this three-year programme, but with a greater emphasis on contemporary drawings.


You can read more about the programme in the article below, written by Sarah Jaffray, Project Officer for the Bridget Riley Art Foundation at the British Museum:


Drawn together: how the Museum's collection inspires students

March 13, 2018